Knowing your personal leadership strengths and challenges is the first step towards becoming an effective leader. Let us help you discover your natural leadership strengths and develop an action plan to become an even better leader.


Teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage, yet most teams are highly dysfunctional. Let us help you discover how to build and lead cohesive teams based on trust, healthy conflict, commitment, and accountability.


The biggest challenge for most organizations is not what they’re doing today but what they need to be doing tomorrow. Let us help you develop leaders who can craft a bold vision, build alignment, and make that vision a reality.


At LDN, all of our training programs are designed, developed, and facilitated using a simple three-step learning approach.


About 20% of our facilitation is focused on introducing participants to practical, well-proven leadership philosophies.

Self Awareness

About 50% of our facilitation is focused on helping participants learn more about themselves as both a person and leader.

Skills Development

About 30% of our facilitation is focused on helping participants develop leadership skills that create unparalleled results.


  • Basic Leadership Skills
  • Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Strategic Leadership Skills
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™


  • Everything DiSC® Workplace
  • Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders
  • Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders
  • Everything DiSC® Management
  • Everything DiSC® Sales
  • Five Behaviors™ Everything DiSC® Individual Team Member Report


  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Off-Site & Meeting Facilitation
1. Everything DiSC Workplace® Introduction
Patrick Lencioni on Teamwork


What do our customers say about us?
  • "I’ve been proudly associated with LDN for over 15 years. They are responsible for sustained double-digit growth at my company every year! The instructors are former Command Sgt. Majors (not some young MBA) and teach not only theory, but real life solutions to teamwork. Don’t undertake their services unless you want values instilled at every level of your organization: Integrity, Safety, Excellence, Respect, Shareholder Value, and Service Before Self. Every employee in our company has been taught by LDN from CEO to janitor, and they practice these values every day or don’t work here. I’d be glad to speak with anyone concerning my belief that LDN can make your business more money by improving teamwork through shared values.”
    R.J. McLELLAN – President and CEO, Handgards Inc.
  • “The LDN program helped me understand who I am and what my tendencies are in work-related situations.  Knowing those behaviors will help me greatly in the future to lead a cohesive team and provided me a foundation for properly engaging and coaching my future direct reports.”
    MIKE ALLEN , PhD – Adhesives Research, Inc.
  • “Our strategic partnership with LDN has been key in aligning our growing organization for success through effective leadership, as well as personal and professional development. Our organizational Values and business goals are built right into a tailored course design. LDN’s facilitators are unparalleled in their ability to motivate and apply the material into a meaningful and practical application, which has made a lasting impact on every participant. Course graduates now have new tools to unlock their full potential as leaders resulting in the increased engagement and commitment of our teams.”
    COREY JOHNSON – Training Manager, ODW Logistics Inc.