Assessment Tools

At LDN, we ground all of our training programs and services in Everything DiSC® to help you create a better-functioning organization.

What is Everything DiSC®?

Everything DiSC® is a simple tool that’s been helping people appreciate, communicate, and connect with each other for more than thirty years.  It all begins with understanding and appreciating the four basic DiSC® styles.

Why do we use Everything DiSC®?

By learning their own DiSC® style, people can gain a better understanding of their natural behavior tendencies, including their strengths, challenges, and motivators.  They can also learn to identify the DiSC® style of others, in an effort to better connect and build higher-performing teams, one relationship at a time.

DiSC® Questionnaire

The DiSC questionnaire is easy to take online and requires responding to a phrase instead of a single word.